Pilates  is a form of exercise that rebalances and strengthens the muscles, creates space in the joints and promotes healthy movement. The positions are not held but the body is taught to move through all its planes of motion with ease and control.  It is enormously effective for rehabilitation from injury and for general body-conditioning for everyone from the first time exerciser to the athlete.

Use resistance bands, balls and foam rollers to strengthen and balance muscles gaining greater flexibility and tone throughout the body 


why pilates

why me

I am a Level 3 Advanced Instructor (UK National Standard) having trained with the Body Control Pilates Association where I also gained a REPs level 3 certificate. The BCPA is renowned as a world leading education provider for pilates teaching.  I have been teaching for fourteen years and have had access to detailed scientific and biomechanical research.


The BCPA courses are ratified by the Qualification Curriculum Authority (QCA) and overseen by Skills Active and the Register of Exercise Professionals.


Improve posture, the health of your spine and promote better joint health and mobility




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