"I joined Jacqui's Pilates class a year or so after major spinal surgery.  The problems leading to surgery had left me with a loss of sensation and strength in my lower limbs and very poor balance.  Jacqui was a most considerate and empathetic tutor, using her experience of treating back injuries to ensure that I always was able to enter into the exercises, suggesting variations if it allowed me to achieve a good outcome and preparing a personal exercise plan for the long summer break.  Within a relatively short period, my balance and core muscle strength showed improvement."

June Pugh, Camberley

"I have thoroughly enjoyed attending Jacqui's classes for more than 5 years following a lower back injury.  The classes are well paced, full of moves which really stretch and strengthen the body.  I know my posture and general well being have benefited from attending.  Jacqui has a very gentle calm manner which is perfect for instructing and she is very clear when explaining the moves to us.  She ensures she demonstrates and talks through the exercises and will tailor moves for anyone who has any injuries which restrict their participation.  I also benefited from 1:1 classes with her post hand surgery.  I cannot over emphasise how much I enjoy Jacqui's classes and would have no hesitation in recommending her classes to anyone who is thinking of taking up Pilates or returning to it.  She caters for all levels and it's such a fun way to keep fit."

Gilly Rose, Lightwater

"As a male in my 50's, I had been concerned about my lack of flexibility for a while; which only seemed to be getting worse with gym training routines. Jacqui was recommended to me, and I have attended a dozen or so 'one to one' sessions to date.  The results for me have been 'game changing' and adjustments to my breathing and posture has helped me in all aspects of life.  Also, being a keen golfer, I have been interested to see how I could use the Pilates based learning, to improve my golf game.  The results have been excellent, and I have increased stability at address with more freedom of movement.  Finally, and most importantly, with Jacqui's patient approach and bespoke service, I now feel I have the knowledge and a regular routine to help all those little aches and pains go away!"

Alan Barrowcliff, Windlesham